Instant DMARC reports

Why wait 24 hours? Instant DMARC reports allow you to view your SPF and DKIM performance in seconds.

Instant DMARC reports

When you set up or strengthen your SPF or DKIM configuration, you ultimately want to check that everything is working correctly. DMARC reports are a great way to see how your SPF and DKIM are performing, but unfortunately, these reports are usually only sent once every 24 hours.

Instant DMARC reports let you see your SPF and DKIM performance in seconds. Send an email to emailtest@<yoursubdomain> after adding the domain to your URIports account, and we'll convert the SPF and DKIM validation results into a DMARC report for you to analyze right away.

Instant DMARC reports with URIports

Tinkering with your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC has never been so quick and easy.