Two-factor or Multi-Factor authentication (2FA / MFA) is a proven method used by many apps to further secure an online account. It is an addition to the username/password login method. When you use 2FA for an account, you need to provide a username and a password to log in, but you also need to provide another piece of information. The most common is a Time-based, One-time Password (TOTP). When you have setup 2FA for your account, we will ask for this additional password when you log in to your URIports account. Read more about 2FA.

Lost access to your authenticator app?

Read our tips to restore access

Enable Two-factor authentication

Enabling 2FA for your URIports account is easy. Log in with your credentials, press on the user-icon in the top right and press "Settings". Under the section "Security", press the link "Enable Two-Factor Auth". You will see something like this:

Scan the QR-code with your preferred authenticator app like Google Authenticator, Authy or something else. It will generate a code that you must enter in the popup. The next time you want to login, you'll have to enter your credentials and a code that is generated by your 2FA authenticator.


When you enable 2FA, please remember that a backup method is mandatory in case you lose access to your authenticator app. This can happen when you accidentally remove the authenticator app from your phone, you wipe your entire phone, your phone breaks down, falls in the toilet and you flush it, it gets stolen etc. So write down the 16-char secret code and save it in a safe place. You can write down the code on a piece of paper, store it in your password manager or somewhere else where it is safe and accessible when you need it.

If you do not write down this 16 character code and you lose access to your phone or authencation app, you WILL lose access to your account. We CANNOT recover your account!

It is not the question if you accidentally lose your phone, it's the question when you lose your phone. So please, write down the secret code somewhere. We cannot restore accounts if you lose the secret code.