Single Sign-On (SSO)

URIports supports Single Sign-On (SSO) using OpenID Connect (OIDC) for Mountain and Himalaya subscriptions. SSO speeds up access to your account by allowing you to log in with your existing company or Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) credentials, meaning fewer passwords to keep track of and easy user management.

We've written quick guides to help you connect URIports to your favorite identity provider (IdP): Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, and SalesForce

To enable SSO, go to your URIports settings, open the Team Access menu and click the Add OpenID Connect button.

Add URIports to your OpenID provider as a new application. Add the Redirect URI (also referred to as Callback URL) to the application settings and save the provider's Application URL (also referred to as Login URL, Issuer URL, or Endpoint), Client ID, and Client Secret to the OpenID Connect settings in URIports.

That's it! You should be able to authenticate using Single Sign-On using OpenID Connect now.