Leeman & Kuiper BV, our parent company established in 2008, is the brainchild of a group of skilled web developers and security specialists who shared a common goal: simplifying the intricacies of online business operations. Rooted in their expertise, the company developed an efficient online application tailored for businesses in The Netherlands and Belgium, focusing on streamlining invoice management.

In 2018, building upon the foundation of their collective experience, our team founded URIports, a platform specifically designed for web and email service monitoring. This venture arose from the recognition of the need for a user-friendly and comprehensive solution in the face of existing limitations. URIports.com, launched that year, became a testament to our team's dedication to innovation and practicality.

At our core, we are problem-solvers and innovators. URIports reflects our commitment to addressing practical challenges faced by businesses in the digital landscape. We are driven by the belief in accessible solutions, ensuring that businesses worldwide can benefit from our expertise. Operating independently since our inception allows us to maintain our focus: serving our clients and continually enhancing our product.