The online and real-time reporting tool for websites and mail servers.

We collect and process reports from the browser of your site visitors and mail servers.
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We collect, filter, group, sort and enrich the reports for easy prioritized analysis.
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Monitor CSP, DMARC, NEL and many more

URIports processes them all.

Whether you are looking for a place to collect and process your CSP (Content Security Policy), Expect-CT, Deprecation, Intervention, Crash, NEL (Network Error Logging), Permissions Policy Violation, COOP, COEP, TLS-RPT (SMTP TLS Reporting for MTA-STS and DANE TLSA), DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) reports or ALL OF THEM; we got you covered!

Monitor your website and email with URIports

URIports is an advanced unified tool to monitor Web and Email Server security and configuration. URIports is the result of our decades of experience in online coding, monitoring and security. When configured, we receive reports from the browser of your site visitors and email servers. We'll process all these reports and give you insight in what's happening.
Bundled, prioritized & crystal clear.

Website Monitoring

Get clear and real-time insight in the performance of your website. Monitor violations, network errors, certificate issues, deprecated code, and more!

Supported Reports

Network Error Logging
Content Security Policy (CSP)
Permissions Policy
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy (COOP)
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy (COEP)

Email Monitoring (DMARC)

Monitor your SPF and DKIM alignment and prevent unauthorized use of your email domain to protect people from spam, fraud, and phishing.

Read more about DMARC

Supported Reports

DMARC Aggregate
DMARC Failure

MTA TLS Monitoring

Monitor and validate DANE TLSA and MTA-STS performance and policies for your email server and get notified on TLS related issues like misconfiguration or certificates errors.

Supported Reports


Monitor and analyze.

Advanced analytics and processing.

Reports in XML or JSON format are extremely difficult to read by us humans. Our service gathers all your reports, take all the useful data and present them in an easy to use environment. This allows you to see what needs your attention and to search and browse all the data with ease.

Automatically prioritized reports.

Instantly see what needs your attention.

We sort and aggregate the reports and violations by default based on the number of sources. A single source triggering a lot of violations is probably not high priority. But if a large number of sources trigger the same violation, it is probably worth looking into.

Email and push notifications

Know exactly what happens when it happens

We understand that you do not have time to log in to your URIports account every day to review the reports. That is why we have an advanced reporting system that detects significant events and keeps you informed by email or Telegram. You can easily configure which notifications you want to receive and how often.

Read more in our blog

Privacy & GDPR ready

We don't get personal.

Your report data remains your data! We do not sell, share or use it for anything other than providing you with our service.

Reports are stripped from any information that might contain personal data to comply with GDPR regulation and EU Law.

Create your own rules.

You are in full control.

Don't want to see reports triggered by a user agent's plugin or extension? No problem! We allow you to create your own ignore and block rules for any type of report. Use wildcards to filter and eliminate those unactionable violations to keep a clear view of the violations that actually matter.

Read more in our blog

Get your team on board.

Share the analyzed data with your co-workers.

Get your team members involved by giving them access to your data in URIports. You can define exactly what domains they have access to and if you want them to manage your filtering rules.

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