About us

In 2008, Roeland Kuiper and Freddie Leeman, lifelong friends and web developers from The Netherlands, joined forces and started their journey together as business partners. Their first venture was (and still is) an online application for creating, processing and managing invoices for businesses in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Keeping track of the health and security of web and mail services was a difficult task and having to use multiple platforms was far from convenient. At the time, most platforms able to handle URI report traffic were not user-friendly and couldn't add ignore and block rules to filter out the noise that made it difficult to keep track of issues that needed resolving.

So we decided to create something ourselves that would give us more insight and save time and money in the future. We thought it would be unfair to keep such a useful service to ourselves, so in 2018, we launched uriports.com: a single platform that can receive and process every valuable report type available to site owners.

By making it much easier and more convenient to monitor the health and security of websites and email servers, we hope we've created something that other site owners will benefit from as much as we have.

URIports is completely self-funded, so our focus is on our clients and the product, not investors.