We're constantly updating our reporting app with new learnings, changes in technologies, and bright moments we developers can have sometimes (like in the shower). We like to keep you updated by sharing the noteworthy changes on this page.

Build 1868 - 04/28/2020

  • Added a setting so a user can change the time format from 12 hour to 24 hours
  • Added a new notification when we detect DKIM signatures with unsupported algorithms. This notification indicates that email messages were signed using weak, obsolete or experimental algorithms. This is caused when email messages are being signed with algorithms other than rsa-sha256.
  • Made it easier to change the domains that team members have access to
  • Team admins can now resend the activation link for new users and can send password reset emails

Build 1850 - 03/12/2020

  • We now fully support punycode domain names (xn--)
  • We have made some changes in detecting if you have conflicting block or ignore rules and we automatically fix them.
  • A few small UI tweaks

Build 1838 - 03/03/2020

  • We have built a separator and an option to hide reports that aren't triggered by many sources (unique visitors on your site).
  • When creating a block or ignore rule, you can now select the option to run the new rule on the current dataset. This way you can easily clean your dataset.
  • And small fixes, as usual :)

Build 1836 - 02/07/2020

  • We have now even better filtering tools so you can play more with your data to find issues. Every field will show a filter-icon when you hover the field. Press the icon to create a filter for that field.
  • Browser icons are now colored so they can be spotted easier.
  • Links in the reports like Source-file, Url, etc are now clickable so you can immediately go to the link that is in the report.

Build 1832 - 02/26/2020

  • 🔔 A new notification added! When we detect a new Content Security Policy violation that is triggered by more than a few unique sources, we'll send you a notification. This can indicate that there is malicious activity on your website, that you have misconfigured your Content Security Policy or that you have added extra sources in your page that aren't whitelisted in your policy. When you click on the "more info" button in the notification, we will immediately highlight the violation. How awesome is that! If you need help fixing CSP violations, read our blog about CSP.
  • When you are viewing your reports, we now highlight newly detected reports that didn't happen before, mostly indicating that something just went wrong on your server, like when you create a new 404 error by accident. (we will also send you a notification when we find new 404's).
  • We have made a few tweaks in the graph so it is even more readable.
An hightlighted report that we have never seen before

Build 1822 - 02/24/2020

  • Boom! Another nice new feature. We have upgraded the period selector to a date range selector. Small change, big impact. Instead of choosing a period like the last 3, 14, 30, etc. days you can now also create your own date range so you can view reports from a specific day or range. This helps you to better analyze the reports by creating more focus.
  • A little UI tweak: The colors in the graph are changed and now every item in the graph has its own color. The color in the graph is also displayed in the table. It is now easier to relate to the colors in the graph and the table.

Build 1807 - 02/04/2020

  • We have an awesome new DMARC feature! In the graph of your DMARC reports, you now have a small dashboard with three very important indicators. It's shows you your DMARC, DKIM and SPF performance. DMARC being the most important and should be least 90%. When the DMARC percentage is lower, it could be an indication that your domain is used for sending malicious email or that you have misconfigured DMARC resulting in email not being properly delivered.
  • Solved a few little display errors.
DMARC performance indicators

Build 1800 - 01/24/2020

  • Small and bigger performance upgrades
  • Many small bugfixes
  • We work on improving our software every day. We will certainly mention major changes and new features in this change log. Not all change is worth mentioning though, at least not here. We sometimes have a small party at the office because we have written a super efficient and awesome new function. Well, we are nerds and we love it.

Build 1700 - 11/26/2019

  • Our subscription plans are live! It's now possible to subscribe to a plan that meet your requirements. Each plan has its own reporting quota and features. You can read more about them here: https://www.uriports.com/pricing
  • This also means that Team Access is now available! Share the analyzed data with your co-workers. Get your team members involved by giving them access to your data in URIports. You can define exactly what domains they have access to and if you want them to manage your filtering rules.
  • And many, many, many performance and interface tweaks

Build 1597 - 09/11/2019

  • Added the ability to add a public PGP key to your account for encryption of DMARC failure reports allowing you to decrypt unfiltered message headers and body for forensic analysis.

Build 1560 - 08/04/2019

  • We've updated the reporting engine for Expect-CT. If the build number of the browser that sent us the report is older than 10 weeks, we ignore the Expect-CT report because these reports are unreliable. Thanks to this measure, you only receive Excpect-CT reports of issues that go wrong, but not the false positives sent by older browsers that can clutter the view.

Build 1542 - 07/18/2019

  • 📈 Those build numbers go up fast! 😎 We're constantly fixing, improving and rewriting stupid code we wrote when, at the time of writing, going to bed was a better idea. But hey, we ♥ to write code and we ♥ to rewrite code to make it even better.
  • We've now added even more details to the DMARC-RUA reports. It's now possible to see all DKIM and SPF authenication results given by the MTA that sent us the report. Previously, only the first authentication result was visible.
  • Fixed a few sleeping indexes. (hint zZzZz-indexes)... </stupid joke>
  • Pssst.. about having a ♥ for coding: did you know the logo of URIports is a colon (:) and two slashes (//)? Like: :// because that's part of an URI. We've rotated it 45 degrees and guess what! Now it looks like a heart! Nifty eh?

Build 1483 - 07/01/2019

  • Changed the column layout for some reports to give more insights
  • Added extra details in DMARC-RUA reports
  • Added email validation for new accounts to make sure the email address is valid for notification messages and account messages like password resets.
  • Improved performance by fine-tuning database queries
  • Added some traps to catch bugs flying through our systems (and office)

Build 1433 - 06/12/2019

  • You can now easily change the email address of your URIports account.
  • Added the published policy to DMARC-RUA reports.
  • Small graphical fixes

Build 1422 - 06/06/2019

  • 🔔 EMAIL AND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - Know exactly what happens when it happens! We understand that you do not have time to log in to your URIports account every day to review the reports. That is why we have an advanced reporting system that detects significant events and keeps you informed by email or Telegram (push). You can easily configure which notifications you want to receive and how often.
  • And of course many small fixes for the app and also for the reporting engine.

Build 1371 - 05/23/2019

  • 🔔 NOTIFICATIONS - We're proud to announce a new version of URIports including an awesome notification feature! This notifies you when there are issues that require your attention. You can find your notifications in the top right of the app when logged in. Alerts via push notifications are coming soon!
  • Graphs - Updated the graph design to make the data more clear and easier to read. The graph also updates the data set when you're searching or filtering.

Build 1363 - 05/22/2019

  • Sticky headers - Important headers are now sticky at the top of your screen when scrolling.
  • DMARC Aggregated - Option to hide DMARC-reports is now defaulted to 'true', so in default, you also see the DMARC-reports with disposition none, meaning they are delivered to the inbox of the recipient.
  • Further tweaking of the interface, now with nicer-looking column names.

Build 1362 - 05/21/2019

  • Two-Factor Authentication - you can now trust a device for 30 days so you don't have to enter your authorization codes every time you log in.
  • Timezones - Small timezone fixes for our Australian friends
  • Few small performance updates and interface tweaks

Build 1353 - 05/16/2019

  • Add an option to view all your monitored domains in one report
  • Added feature to easily navigate and dive into report data.
  • Option to hide DMARC-reports with disposition none so you can focus more on the reports that need your attention.
  • Server fine-tuning for faster rendering of your reports
  • Made the inspector-slidedown feel faster and made some UX improvements
  • A few graphical tweaks

Build 1282 - 04/23/2019

  • Added Disposition column for DMARC-RUF that shows: reject, spam, other , unknown or delivered;
  • Fixes for DMARC-RUF reports sent by LinkedIn;
  • Added work-around for a typo in the MTA-STS reports sent by Google;
  • Added two work-arounds for errors in the DMARC reports sent by Yahoo!;
  • Some small updates for Chinese DMAC-RUF reports.

Build 1270 - 04/18/2019

  • Changes in the TLS-RPT engine that processes all the reports, so the reports are processed even faster.

Build 1267 - 04/17/2019

Find out whats new in this build. It's looks pretty small, but it's the attention to details that makes URIports really stand out.

  • Browser Shares - it's now possible to view, when inspecting a report, which browsers triggered the most reports. This way you can quickly see if a specific report is triggered by only one browser or by multiple browsers.
  • Explanation texts - We've added more descriptions to explain difficult values inside a report.
  • TLS-RPT - We've updated the TLS-RPT reporting view, so now you can quickly see what the report is about and what's wrong.
  • Many small fixes - <joke>like moving the coffee machine closer to our desks</joke>* **